Twitter Memes become NFT by Elon Musk

Twitter Memes become NFT by Elon Musk

Elon Musk Reposted A Memes on Twitter and It Sold as an NFT for about $20 000 just in 2 days.  Click for more trending nft news 

trending nft news

Memes are a favourite pastime of billionaire Elon Musk, who is well-known for his enjoyment of them. In addition, he routinely reposts them on his Twitter account, which has 61 million followers on it. 

Despite the fact that some people resent Musk’s reposting because he frequently fails to give credit to the original meme authors, others have benefited from his habit, like self-proclaimed “hobby artist” Eva Beylin.

Beylin was overjoyed when Musk shared her meme on Twitter on Wednesday. “The ultimate prize in memeology is for your meme to be used by the ultimate meme lord,” Beylin, 28, tells CNBC Make It. “The ultimate prize in memeology is for your meme to be used by the ultimate meme lord.”

“I am over the moon,” she says, explaining that she is a big fan of Musk, despite the fact that he did not give her any credit for the work.

To illustrate her point, she created a meme, which she dubbed “Love in the Time of Web3.” It features a cartoon couple appreciating the current prices of bitcoin and ether, which are respectively $69,000 and $4,200. However, while the price of bitcoin has not yet reached $69,000, the figures are a clear reference to meme culture.

Because of his position as Executive Director of The Graph Foundation, which promotes the blockchain data protocol The Graph, Beylin is enthusiastic about Web3, which is a decentralized iteration of the internet that drives blockchain-based applications such as NFTs.

Following Musk’s post, the song “Love in the Time of Web3 ” received a lot of attention. In the evening of that day, Beylin published it as an NFT, or known as non fungible token, on the cryptocurrency marketplace Zora, and shortly afterward, it sold for five wrapped ether, which is approximately $19,800 at current exchange rates, to an unknown bidder for five wrapped ether. 

Beylin had the idea for the meme, but she did not design or change the image of the cartoon pair, nor did she edit the prices of Bitcoin or Ethereum, even though it was her idea.

Following the publication of a post by another Twitter user who modified the cryptocurrency prices and tweeted it as a joke, Beylin was inspired to create the meme. Beylin compensated the user, who goes under the handle @shegenerates, by giving her a share of the revenues from the NFT transaction, equal to 20% of the total. Shegenerates told CNBC Make It that she was happy with Beylin using her edit and that she had no objections to it.

After purchasing “Love in the Time of Web3,” the buyer has already relisted the meme on eBay for 69.42 wrapped ether, which is approximately $275,000. Despite the fact that it is less than the buyer’s asking price, a bidder has already offered 6.94 wrapped ether, which is approximately $27,500, for the meme in question. Beylin will receive a 15 percent royalty if the product is resold, according to her. 

How to Make Money using Cryptocurrency.

How to Make Money using Cryptocurrency.

top crypto news Cryptocurrency is one of the most obsessed over forms of e-currency in today’s world. The currency’s main attraction is the fact that it can help get rich overnight. Not just, run of the mill rich either, but millionaire and billionaire rich. Crypto business is notorious for making people rich the same way stock brokering was in the early 2000’s. Since 2011, crypto currency has been on everyone’s radar due to its immense possibilities and capabilities along with its ability to make people rich. While the success stories are significantly louder than the failed ventures, it is necessary to understand how to invest in cryptocurrency and how to turn that investment into a profitable endeavor that will help proliferate your bank balance and fatten up the bottom line. 


Debunking a Prevalent Myth.


It is a widely held belief that cryptocurrency does not hold to the awesome power of making people rich overnight. The myth further assumes that those who have gotten rich using cryptocurrency are people whose luck was set to turn and that it was predestined or ordained by a higher power. This myth is false. It is quite possible to become rich using cryptocurrency, if one knows what they are doing. Much like everything else in life, gaining basic understanding and perception on cryptocurrency is crucial for one’s ventures into the currency form to be successful. 


Many people do not understand this cardinal rule and jump headlong into the curling and devastatingly fickle waters of cryptocurrency. This leads to them exhausting their budget very quickly and losing all of their driving momentum. It is a game of patience that requires one to bide their time and play the market not by the proverbial ear but by skills. These skills can only be honed upon gaining an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and its tumultuous market. 


Given how the market of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency itself are extremely volatile, profits can on

top crypto news

ly be made once a proper understanding of the cogs involved is attained.


Types of Cryptocurrency. 


The currency’s popularity is not lost on the world and following the boom of Bitcoin, multiple cryptocurrencies have popped up on the market. The most popular ones are, 


  1. Ethereum
  2. Dogecoin. 
  3. ElonGate. 
  4. Moonshot. 
  5. Polygon. 


In addition to these currencies, there are various firms spread all across the internet that can and will buy these currencies such as binance, coinbase, and robinhood.


Ways to Make Money using Cryptocurrency.


There are multiple ways of making money using cryptocurrency.  One could invest or trade in the crypto exchange market. One could use the coins they already own to stake and lend coins to the system or others. One could also participate in the blockchain system by mining or receiving coin rewards for work done on the system. 


Once a mechanism has been chosen from the aforementioned, people can start to think of the strategy they wish to use, 


  1. Investing. 
  2. Trading. 
  3. Staking and Lending. 
  4. Crypto Social Media. 
  5. Airdrops and Forks. 

It is easy to get caught up in the hub-bub of cryptocurrency, but one needs to understand that the crypto market is subject to its own whims and wishes. Hence, remaining up to date with the latest trends and changes in the market is essential. Crypto Valuator is a trusted news aggregator for crypto news. It is the top crypto news provider.

top crypto news

Online casinos with websites are a new kind of betting service that is becoming more popular

Online casinos with websites are a new kind of betting service that is becoming more popular

Through the major representatives from the most prestigious casinos from across the world, a mobile betting site that has been in operation for quite some time, quality and international standards are also important considerations. It is a representative of betting principles on the internet, delivering online casino services on the internet that have acquired the confidence of gamblers from many different nations across the globe, who continue to use the service on a regular basis at legal casino sites in malaysia


There are services that are well categorized and have an easy-to-understand structure for playing on the web. Apply for bet royal casinos serving abroad in a variety of camera angles in addition to the various types of betting that you are already familiar with. Live betting services are provided through high-definition images captured from the open bet royal casinos serving abroad in a variety of camera angles. There is a trained staff on hand to give instruction on how to utilize it properly and efficiently.

Unlike previous alternatives, Bet is a new one that has been tailored to the needs of the current day.

  • If you’re planning to play at a casino and have to travel to get there, you’ll have to pay for both your transport and your casino fees.
  • Gambling over the internet has become more convenient in an era when technology is getting increasingly sophisticated.
  • You just need a mobile phone, a smart phone, or any other kind of phone that can access the bet website in order to place a wager with us.

Right Solutions

It is simple to apply for membership in order to come to us and enjoy our services; the process takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. When you’ve finished playing, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money right away. You can see that betting through the casino website online has many advantages because it is available through many leading banks in the country and even more special because when you become a member with us, you will also receive many special privileges from the promotion that have been carefully selected for you to choose from and use according to your convenience. As a consequence, all gamblers have begun to transition away from utilising the services provided by the casino and toward using the services provided by the web, which are more indicative of the casino.

Make the Declaration

Declare the total number of points earned by both sets of cards. Count and face all cards have 0 point value; all other cards are worth their face value, with the exception of the ace, which has a point value of one. Whenever the total number of times used exceeds ten, the second digit is the value of the hand. For example, 9 and 6, which both have 15, five-point hand make-up, are two of the most popular. 


For your bet to be successful, it has to be on a hand that is closer to nine. Understand the “natural” gains if the first two cards dealt to either the player or the dealer total an 8 or a 9 in total. If you defeat nature, the game is done. Bets that had already been placed used to be able to be paid out. By looking at the point totals, you may determine whether or not the Player earned the third card. The player hand is finished for the first time, and the player must have a total of 8 or 9 in order to not get any extra cards. A player’s position is determined by a total of 6 or 7.

Techniques for placing bets on football online

Techniques for placing bets on football online

By concentrating on the secondary price bet with an uncomplicated method that works well for each other to adjust to oneself, you will learn about football betting today. Each thing that will be presented today will be explained in more detail. It has already been put to use for testing purposes. And achieved greater results than anticipated; as a consequence, it will be shared with others so that all football fans may benefit from the same investment at the same time. Choosing the trusted online casino in Malaysia is most essential there.

football fans may benefit from the same investment
football fans may benefit from the same investment

At Football Masters, the secondary price to earn money is a lot of fun.

At that point, secondary bets have a better probability of winning. The original suggested price is 1.5, however, 1.25 or 1.25 will suffice as a substitute. At this price, you will only lose if you are struck by two shots, which is uncommon in football nowadays, especially among teams who are as willing to shoot each other as they were in the past. However, it is essential to examine the teams that will be competing against one another, as well as their respective statistics and divisions.

More than half of the football games have been won by the home team.

Even in this Covid age, playing at home will have little impact. However, this does not imply that it cannot be utilized at all. Aim to cheer for the side that has done well at home in terms of the criteria that you have set. Winning a lot and losing a lot are synonymous when it comes to selecting these secondary teams while playing at home since the probability of loud noise is quite significant when doing so. And when the team plays in its own stadium, you get to see each other quite a bit. Usually, there is a hidden force at work that may frequently make the difference between winning and losing. As a result, this formula should not be ignored in any way whatsoever.

Make sure to check the form before making your wager.

This formula may be used to calculate any price. Even if a secondary or continuation course is in excellent shape at the time of purchase, there is a high likelihood that it will continue to be in good condition. For example, one of the principles to consider is to go back and look at the data from the previous five games of this duo to evaluate how they are doing. Which side is the evil side, and which side is the good side? Then we’ll take a look at the data to see if there are any outliers among the teams.

Betting on secondary balls is more enjoyable and straightforward than you would expect. So let’s attempt to work together to play some games. It is not the case that the next ball is solely for the purpose of earning money. Because of the focus on secondary bets, the wealthy may also benefit from this strategy.


You will learn more about betting odds in this post since they are the most often seen at bookies. You will be able to identify these changes by the figures that are accompanied by a positive or negative indication.

Mega888 Website: Check Out Now

Mega888 Website: Check Out Now

Like Forex trading, when it comes to online casinos, people are now keeping giving praises about it. The demand for online casinos is flooding nowadays. With so many great addition and existing installments to choose from, people will never stop online gambling. I mean, it is a clear indication that the industry is now is one of the most successful sectors out there with billions of net worth. People love them for their flexibility, first and foremost. When you have the technology and the internet together, online casinos can be accessed anywhere at any time. 

Not just that, with online casinos, you can enjoy a whole lot more when it comes to game selections. Compared to land-based casinos, the game selection might differ with the land area, cost and whatnot. That is not the case with the online casino as the space should not be the problem, as you could enjoy access to thousands of games. Not just that, online gambling is faster and anonymous. So it will not be as nerve-wracking as sitting in the same chair, staring at the eyes of each other, implementing the message “I will finish you!”. It will be just you. Just safe and sound at home.

mega888 website

Well, speaking of safe and great online casinos, you should definitely try Mega888 website online casino as when it comes to famous names in online casinos, Mega888 is always mentioned. This online casino is currently one of the greatest in the business now, with so many great qualities being talking about. Mega888 recognizes and values a high level of service in the online casino industry. Leaving its mark around Asia in 2015, this gaming platform is popular because it is elegantly designs and style. They are able to provide the best online gambling experience and not only that, but they are also dependable and trustworthy to all users, makes them very preferable.

The security here is also worth noticing as all the players who invested in the site trust Mega888. When they gambling online, they have nothing to fear when it comes to their safety as the site has established a powerful firewall to keep the data safe. It will undoubtedly keep things away from harm and note that Mega888 is also validated and registered. They use great systems like Eeziepay and Help2Pay for the payment gateways process. This guarantees the security of all transactions made by the players in Mega888.

Mega888 offers some of the best games available to players. Like slot machines which are among the famous name in the gambling world and also the key attractions at the site. All of the installments have a vast player base and a high cash flow, hence people love playing them. All of them are also customized and detailed. They will surely suit the preferences and styles of the players, and Mega888 also provides other things on the menu like fishing games. They are extremely popular in the arcade industry, and they could be the next big thing in online gambling. With all the great quality games, security and service, Mega888 should be among the best, so visit now! 

Advantages Of E-Wallet

Advantages Of E-Wallet

In today’s modern world, everything is being done through online and technology. If back then we have to send letters via postman, now we can just easily text them or sent them an email where they’ll receive it immediately. You can even play an online casino and receive a free wallet casino Malaysia. 

free wallet casino Malaysia

With how easy our lives have become with the help of technology, we also no longer need to carry tons of cash with us wherever we go, because now we can just easily pay for everything by using an e-wallet. An e-wallet is an electronic version of payment cards and you will usually use your smartphone to use an e-wallet. An e-wallet also will be linked to any of your debit or credit cards to operate properly. So, now we know what’s an e-wallet, what are the advantages of using an e-wallet, and why it’s easier compared to carrying cash with us. 


First, the usage of e-wallet is created to be more convenient for users to use. When using an e-wallet it’ll be only for a few seconds and you’re done purchasing your stuff because all you need to do is scan the QR code in your phone. And as long as you have your phone with you it’ll be really easy and convenient for you. 


Besides that, e-wallets provide consumers with high-security features by requiring you to authorize each transaction with a PIN, password, or fingerprint scanner. Furthermore, when paying with an e-wallet, you do not have to provide your debit/credit card information to anyone, whether online or offline. The data is kept by a third-party service provider. It’s protected with a password or biometrics. Even if you lose your smartphone, you’ll be able to access your e-wallet with a new one.


Other than that, e-wallets also provide more options for the users. Customers benefit from digital wallet applications because they provide a more convenient transaction processing technique, giving firms that use this technology a competitive advantage in the market. It reinvents the payment experience for users and adds a unique element to each purchase. Freecharge lets you spend Digital cash for a variety of purchases, including rail and bus tickets, gas, water, and electricity. PayPal also has a number of partners, including eBay, Best Buy, Southwest, and others. As a result, E-wallets provide a choice of possibilities while also saving you time.


Lastly, using digital wallets eliminates the need for intermediaries in a variety of ways. In-store purchases may no longer require the assistance of a cashier, as the process becomes as simple as a tap or scan of a mobile device.


In conclusion, these are some of the advantages of e-wallets and reasons why most people prefer to use e-wallets than have to carry around a huge amount of cash with them. Maybe all of us can start to use an e-wallet which has been proven to be more beneficial and convenient for users. 


How To Start An MLM Business?

How To Start An MLM Business?

Starting any business itself is already hard because business is not as simple as selling and purchasing, but you will have to track your finances, decide how to advertise your business, know what it takes to make sure that your business is sustainable, know your target market and so on. So, in this article I will share with you about how to start an MLM business from scratch but before that, let me explain briefly, what MLM business actually is.

Some direct sales businesses use the word marketing (MLM) to refer to a strategy for selling items and services. Existing MLM members are encouraged to advertise and sell their products to others, as well as attract new members into the firm. Distributors are compensated based on the sales of their recruits. New recruits join the distributor’s downline, or network, and are pushed to generate sales in order to earn money.

network marketing software

  1.       Pick your product

This is basically the first thing you have to do in any business that you are planning to do. Before you start. spend time researching, evaluating, and testing prospective products and services The product you pick must not only appeal to customers, but it must also motivate distributors to promote and sell it. Other than making sure that the product is something that most people will need, you have to prioritise your interest also. Make sure you are selling something that you love, so that you will be able to put all your heart in doing this business.

  1.       Make a business plan

Business plan is the foundation or the frame of what you are going to do with your business. For any MLM business, putting together a documented business plan is crucial. It will act as a blueprint for establishing and expanding your firm, as well as assisting in the definition of your business goals, purpose, and vision. But you have to bear in mind that any plans that you have made, may change according to time and even so, you still have to always come out with an emergency plan for your business.

  1.       Choose your network marketing software

Network marketing software is very important in your MLM business if you really value the efficiency of your business. Your ability to succeed will be determined by your ability to select the best option. You want software that will meet your immediate demands as well as your business’s future needs as it develops and grows. There are several alternatives available, as well as significant variations between back-office software suppliers.

  1.       Keeping documents

Documents are very important especially when it comes to business. It is necessary to complete business documentation, which includes rules and procedures, shipping policies, return policies, privacy policies, and sales material. These are the items that your field agents must follow in terms of company regulations and operational processes. Not only that, business materials such as sales and marketing materials and customers’ data should also be kept in documents to help you with anything in the future.

  1.       Launch your product

After you have completed all steps above, you are all ready to launch your product to the public. As you carry out your launch, keep an eye on your KPIs. Use the data points as a starting point, but add to it with information obtained by checking in with your reps and talking to consumers. This will allow you to test your assumptions and make rapid adjustments if necessary. You can also set a pre-launch if you prefer it that way. 


Architecture as a Kind of Critical Regionalism

Architecture as a Kind of Critical Regionalism

Critical Regionalism in Architecture has nothing to do with the commonly understood regionalism, which refers to a certain area’s architectural history. When it was created in the 1980s, it was used for the first time. A contemporary architectural critic named Keneth Frampton is credited with popularizing the word for this kind of structure.

It was created by Paul Ricour, a French philosopher who taught the philosophy of proportion. He sought to maintain and modernise the family’s traditions at the same time. According to him, the global worth of an object in modernism should be utilised to promote the building’s universal value, taking into account the building’s geographical location (“local tectonic forms”, climate, light, topography). Because of the area’s history and environment, as well as its terrain, the way buildings were constructed and their forms were important to Ricoura.

“Reformed modernism” is another term for critical regionalism. Because modernism was one of the earliest architectural styles to be mentioned in critical regionalism, it is acceptable to include it here.

Alvar Aalto’s City Hall in Säynätsalo is regarded as the prototype of critical regionalism architecture. Aalto integrated his modern building with the natural environment and built it with materials like steel bar malaysia. He incorporated brick components, wood floors, stairs, and smooth uneven surfaces. To develop the design for this item, he used models taken directly from nature as well as locally obtained materials. Alvar Aalto was inspired by the idea of critical regionalism while building his town hall, which emphasises the honesty of the materials and architecture.

Some of the architects who have exhibited critical regionalism in their work are Alvar Aalto, Mario Botta, Tadao Ando, Geoffrey Bawa, Charles Correa, Juha Leiviska, Rafael Moneo, Glen Murcutt, Raj Rewal, and Jorn Utzon.

The most well-known architectural examples of critical regionalism are the Säynätsalo Town Hall in Finland, the Azuma House in Osaka, Japan, and the Fabrica Benetton Research Center in Milan.

Click Here For More Info On Omron Fiber Sensor Malaysia

Click Here For More Info On Omron Fiber Sensor Malaysia

As the world is now advancing into the new era of digitalization, like Forex trading. We are now being literally enhanced with these new developments in the technology department. Though the event of the pandemic that hit us a couple of years ago, the world now slowly stood still with the new developments in the medical world. All the professional IT, web thinkers, creative minds pointed out all of their focus into helping the world for the better, and now we can slowly recover with the vaccine developments and more. But that is not just the technology trends that happened this year. 

As the scientific industry has branched into so many levels, we have an enhancement in sectors like cyber security. Though it might not look like a technology, it has been behind the shadow for a while and their developments are not really headline materials. Still, the updates will always keep track of the new threats that keep on coming. We are talking about the hackers, scammers, all the bad stuff and as long as we have those, cybersecurity will always be a priority in the internet world. The development did not stop there, the automation industry also get a taste of it. 

click here for more info on omron fiber sensor malaysia

If you want to look at the best of automation, just head over to Elcomp Trading. It is one of the leading Industrial Automation Solutions providers, made its huge mark in the Northern Region of Malaysia. When it comes to demands for industrial automation, this is the place where people look up to for the best quality. Not just that, Elcomp Trading is slowly stepping into the new dawn of Industrial Automation 4.0 and they are well equipped in fulfilling the flooding demands around Malaysia. They have all the good stuff and can effectively help you and your project achieving for a better outcome. 

People also speaking of Elcomp Trading for being there quick and efficient as they have such a wide network around Malaysia, helping them keeping up with their customers around the country. Elcomp Trading understands how hard it can be in recent times to start and developing projects in the automation industry and they are ready to assist their clients with creativity, innovation, and the latest technology to turn the projects alive. With 38 years of experience in the business, Elcomp Trading is able to provide the product quality and efficiency you have been looking for. 

As Elcomp Trading specializes in Industrial Automation, they have the best of providers working with them side by side in producing the best of qualities in their respective departments. Like Omron, one of the finest producers in Industrial Automation products and with the great Omron products, Elcomp Trading is able to help with the electronics, equipment, fiber sensor, computer systems, and many others, so click here for more info on Omron fiber sensors in Malaysia. Other than Omron, Elcomp Trading made connections with other providers too like Moxa connection technology and Patlite visual and audio devices manufacture. With all the great attributes on the table, Elcomp Trading should be your number one Automation Industrial provider so visit them now! 

Important Soft Skills That You Need to Master

Important Soft Skills That You Need to Master

If you are applying for a job by interview and sending resumes, you will notice that there is a space for you to write your soft skills, strengths and weaknesses. Why is asking for your soft skills very important for every company that you are applying to? Your soft skills and how you mastered it will be the way you handle your workload and colleagues when you are working. I can say that having soft skills are very important in everyone’s life. It increases your value and will make you different from the others.

social media advertising company

There are hundreds of soft skills in this world and you don’t have to master all of it but if you do, it is a bonus point for you. The most basic but important soft skill is communication skills. Many might think that “oh, communication is just about talking and having conversation” but that is not just it. Having great communication skills means you have to know the best way to speak to different people about different things to make sure the information that you are trying to deliver is clear.

Next is writing skills. Writing skills are especially needed if you are working for a social media advertising company because you will have to come out with a storyline and also copy writing. Writing skills means you are able to write any article or information without spelling error, grammatical error and punctuation error. You are also required to write something that can be easily understood. Everyone can write but not everyone can write to deliver messages in the right way. Writing skills are also compulsory if you are working for a human resource because you will have to write emails to your employers and employees and the emails must be written in the correct manner so that there will be no miscommunications.

Apart from that, having excellent time management is also very important because the way you manage your time will show what type of person you are. It portrays self-discipline and that is a very great value of someone. With excellent time management, you will be able to handle a lot more bigger things because truthfully speaking, managing time is not as easy especially when you have a lot of things to be done in a day. Employees that effectively manage their time are more productive, efficient, and on track to fulfil deadlines. They concentrate on the most critical and time-sensitive activities while minimizing time spent on non-essential chores.

Teamwork is also very important when it comes to working as you are not going to work alone. Teamwork is not only about working with people from the same department but also when it comes to working with the whole company. The person who has great teamwork will usually do their work better because they will ask anyone if they don’t know anything and also will help people when they are in need. That is actually a great soft skill and attitude that not everyone has. Hence, whoever mastered the skills of working in a team will have better work experience than the others.