Famous British Authors You Should Know

Famous British Authors You Should Know

It might be a little intimidating when I realise exactly how many books there are out there that I want to read! If you’re someone who usually enjoys gambling in casinos online in Malaysia but now you’re looking for a new book, divide it down by author. Reading all of one author’s works is a terrific goal to set for yourself, and it can help you stay on track with your reading. But how do you choose an author?! This is when this list comes in handy. To get you started, I’ve listed some of the most well-known British authors below.


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  • Jane Austen

‘Sense and Sensibility’ was published anonymously in 1811 under the title ‘By a Lady.’ It was Jane Austen’s debut novel, and she was the first major female novelist in the English language. Jane Austen is best known for chronicling the love lives of the middle class, but she also wrote novels like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion, which are regarded classics in English literature. What distinguishes her work is the wit and sarcasm with which she portrays regular people and ordinary homely settings, in stark contrast to the novels of her period. Jane Austen delivers timeless stories that are still applicable in our century as one of the first writers to support the idea that ladies should marry for love, not for financial stability.


  • William Shakespeare

The most famous British writer is William Shakespeare, popularly known as the Bard. The playwright is credited with coining almost 1,700 terms and phrases that are still used today. He began his career as a playwright and actor in London, but Stratford-upon-Avon, where many of his plays are still produced, is where he was born. Shakespeare died in 1616, and his daughter Susanna inherited most of his assets. In his dying will, his only reference to his wife, Anne Hathaway, was to give her his “second-best bed.”


  • Charles Dickens

Another well-known British author is Charles Dickens. Dickens, the author of such classics as Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, is a household name around the world. In the nineteenth century, he lived and worked in Victorian England. Most of his writings were both a storey and a critique of the social situation in Europe at the time. Dickens, unlike many other writers, achieved fame and money during his lifetime.


  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is most known for creating Sherlock Holmes, one of the most well-known and enduring fictional characters of all time. Arthur Conan Doyle was a great writer and storyteller, as well as a war journalist, medical doctor, ardent patriot, and staunch imperialist. He authored not only detective stories but also historical and social romances. The novel The Study in Scarlet introduced the famed detective; despite being rejected three times by publishers, the novel became a Christmas gift for a magazine. With many stage, TV, and film versions, the legendary detective continues to amaze generation after generation.

Best Unifi Pakej For The Best Demands In The Market

Best Unifi Pakej For The Best Demands In The Market


In the context of a business that requires an Internet connection to work, ADSL and SDSL at guaranteed speed are recommended. Conversely, Unifi pakej may prove to be sufficient if its use remains occasional.

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Symmetrical or Asymmetric stream? 

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) master offers Internet access that commonly fit the requirements of an independent venture. With downlink speeds more prominent than upstream speeds, consequently the expression “asymmetric”, ADSL isn’t generally adequate for the movement of an SME. 

The SDSL gives rapid Internet access to experts. These broadband connections meet the particular prerequisites of expert Internet access by offering guaranteed symmetrical speeds permitting synchronous, elite transmission in the two ways. For organizations wishing to exploit the unwavering quality of extremely high velocity, the master plans offer speeds of more than 100 Mbit/s.

Guaranteed recovery time (GTR)

It represents the time it takes to reestablish your connection, guaranteed by the operator in the event of a failure. Beware of the reservations provided in this type of case. It is also recommended to pay particular attention to the compensation provided for in the event of exceeding the contractual recovery time. The fixed daily compensation allowance indicated may be totally inadequate in relation to the loss of turnover caused by the breakdown.

Professional box or modem?

Most business Internet service providers now offer professional boxes, intended for entrepreneurs, taking into account the needs of small structures and combining Internet and telephony. For larger companies, the modem router allows you to set up your own network and connect it to the Internet via an ADSL, SDSL line or via fibre.

Internet for companies: duration and terms of engagement

Established on June 1, 2008, the law imposes measures on ISPs to strengthen the rights of subscribers in terms, in particular, of duration and terms of engagement:

Commitment periods of at least 24 months are prohibited. The subscriber now has the possibility of changing Internet service providers more quickly. However, many ISPs offer ADSL contracts with no commitment period. Cancellation fees are assessed at the actual rate. The subscriber pays in proportion to the months mentioned in his subscription.

Top 5 Typical Ambitions We Have As A Kid

Top 5 Typical Ambitions We Have As A Kid

It is very common for kids to think hard about their ambitions. Having an ambition means that you will have a goal and decide on the path you will take for your future. It is nothing unusual to hear the kindergarten teacher ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up. Some might think that it is all talk but a few kids actually stay with their answer as they grow up. This shows that it is a good question to ask to the young kids despite their age. Remember how we used to be asked that question in the classroom too in the past? It is really interesting how some people can still remember what their ambition was when they were young. Meanwhile, some people cannot even remember all of the ambitions they had since it keeps changing as they grow up. 

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Hence, these are the top 5 typical ambitions we have as a kid.


This is quite expected as most kids tend to be influenced by the adult figure closest to them. Hence, their teachers are that figure they idolized besides their parents. The girls especially love saying that they want to become a teacher since it is a noble profession where you teach the future generation. Besides, kids at that age seem to view a teacher as someone very kind and patient who guides their students at their very best.


Another typical ambition we have as a kid is to be a singer. Since we watched television as a child, we became interested in the singers that appeared on the screen. The job looks simple and we can become rich just by singing and doing performances on TV. Why not, right? It is a sad reality we have to face as we grow up that not everyone can be a singer since not everyone is gifted with a nice voice and great vocal skills.


The boys, especially, used to say that they want to be a policeman when they grow up. Since they look really cool chasing the bad guys and putting them in jail, it is no wonder why this ambition is typical among us when we were young. Remember how the boys used to have gun and handcuff toys as they played with their friends in the evening?


Another ambition we used to have is becoming a firefighter. One thing that stuck to our mind in that age is that the costume looks very cool and it is very fun to help people extinguish fire. Hence, a firefighter is also a famous ambition since they are also viewed as a hero especially with the hose and fire engine. It became even more popular during our middle school years as the school hosted fire drills at school. The firefighters will come to our schools and demonstrate how to use the fire extinguisher correctly. The real fire shown in the demonstration makes the career look very adventurous.


The last typical ambition would be to be a sailor. As a kid, it is normal that we fantasize about being on board a big ship across the sea. We thought about the size of the ships, the maintenance and the mooring system malaysia. Most kids with this ambition imagine being the captain of the ship and the cartoons about ships or pirates only help them getting more fired up to become a sailor as they grow up.

Last Words

All in all, it is very interesting to see the careers that we tend to choose when we were young. Of course we know better as we grow and mature, but it is still interesting how most people would mention one of these five jobs as their ambitions when they were kids.

Best Japanese BL Dramas You Should Watch

Best Japanese BL Dramas You Should Watch

I’ve written a few posts about the best BL series, but they’ve always focused on BL series from  Taiwan, China, and Thailand. To be honest, ranking these BL series was difficult because some of them are equally good. All of these series have been watched by me, and I strongly advise you to do so as well if you enjoy BL. If you believe there are other BL series that should be included on this list, please leave a comment below with the title. I’d want to hear your thoughts on the matter. It doesn’t matter how old you are, even if you are old enough to work in a Malaysian web design company. Here are some of the best Japanese BL dramas (in my opinion) you should watch especially on weekends!


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Kiyoshi Adachi, at the age of 30, is still a virgin and obtains a magical power. His magical ability allows him to read the minds of others simply by touching them. His power initially overwhelms him. His new magical talent is completely useless to him. When he unintentionally touches Yuichi Kurosawa and reads his mind, everything changes. Kiyoshi Adachi becomes Yuichi Kurosawa’s romantic interest. 


  • His

Shun and Nagisa, two high school classmates, met and fell in love during their freshman year. Years later, as Shun prepares to graduate from university, Nagisa informs him that he does not see a future with him. Despite Shun’s intense feelings, they decide to end their relationship. Shun now lives alone in a rural place, owning and operating his own store. But what happens if Nagisa shows back unexpectedly with his 6-year-old daughter, Sora, and Shun still has affection for him? Can Nagisa accept the feelings he knows have been there all along when they begin spending time together?


  • Life

Life – Love on the Line is a manga-based Japanese BL drama. The two main protagonists are high schoolers who meet for the first time while going home from school in unusual circumstances. This series follows their friendship over the next few years as they transfer to a university, the profession, and the responsibilities of adulthood. Despite its odd beginning, Life Love on the Line gradually grows into a charming and sensitive play with plenty of heartbreaking moments. The romance is presented in detail, taking me through the ups and downs of a gay couple’s emotional journey.


  • Restart After Come Back Home

For the first time in ten years, Mitsuomi Kozuka quits his career in Tokyo and returns to his hometown in the country. After he relocated to Tokyo and refused to take over the family business, his relationship with his father became strained. Mitsuomi Kozuka meets Yamato Kumai there. Yamato Kumai is the adoptive son of an elderly man named Kumai, who took him in after his parents left him like a baby in a park. The elderly man owns a farm near Mitsuomi Kozuka’s parents’ house.

Yamato persuades Mitsuomi to assist out on the farm, and their connection blossoms, transforming them both.

Best Places To Live In Selangor

Best Places To Live In Selangor

Different places and areas have their own target market. Some places might be the best for people with family, some other places might be the best for youth. Some people love to live in the middle of the city but other people might want to live  in a peaceful area. Everyone has their own favorites, so feel free to scroll down the page and look which one is the best for you!


Usually, places that are suitable for families will have a lot of accommodation and facilities nearby. There, you can easily find schools, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, shop lots, gyms, and etc around your housing area.

The first place that comes to mind when I say the word family is Puchong.

Puchong has a lot of peaceful neighbourhoods that will make you feel comfortable living there. It is also accessible by LRT and KTM so you don’t have to worry about going to work or school using public transport. You can also easily go to supermarkets nearby like Giants.

Not to mention, the affordable price range!

Other than Puchong, you can also opt for a housing area in Bangi.

Bangi can be considered as an industrial area so you will see a lot of houses there. You can also see a lot of schools in Bangi because most of the housing areas are occupied with families. Other than schools, colleges and universities are just by the road which means this area will also have students who live with their friends in rental houses.

You want a family place for expats? Mont Kiara it is!

Mont Kiara has a lot of high-end supermarkets which supply international brands. Hence, expats love to buy houses in this area. Here, you can also place your children at international schools such as Garden International School and Mont Kiara International School. This place also offers the best safety and security.

Moving on, youth’s heaven!

These are usually a place that the elderly would not live in because city life may be too much for them. Not saying that it is not suitable for the elderly, but you make your own choice.

The first place is Subang Jaya.

There are actually a lot of families in Subang Jaya but they label this place as a place for youth because it is known to have trendy spots that are usually visited by the youth. In Subang Jaya, you can also find a lot of shopping complexes like Subang Parade and One City.

Next is Bandar Sunway.

Ever heard of Bandar Sunway? This place is full of students; national and international students. This is mainly because you can find a number of international colleges and universities in Sunway. For instance, Sunway University, Monash University and Taylor’s Campus. If you are one of the world-class university students, this might be the best place for you.

Lastly is Bangsar.

Just like Mont Kiara, Bangsar is also a place that offers a lot of high-end places that are specially targeting the expats. In Bangsar, you will be able to find a lot of bars and eateries. Even so, Bangsar is still a peaceful place to live in.

Find the best property agency so you can get the best offer!

Advantages of Keeping Your Guttering Clean

If you stumble upon this article, that means you are in search of some information about roof guttering in Malaysia. Well, hello there! I hope nothing is wrong with your gutters right now, and you are just looking around to add some handy knowledge for future reference. Without further a due, let’s talk about the benefits of keeping your gutter maintenance in check! 


Conserving Your Landscape

Roof Guttering Malaysia

Do you love your garden? Well if you have clean guttering it can lessen the damage of rainwater to your grass and your rose bushes for sure! When you don’t have guttering, rainwater that falls to your roof will go directly to the ground and in time it can consume the surface of your garden. This might cost you a lot of money to fix.


Prevent Nesting Zones for Insects

Roof Guttering Malaysia

No one wants insects nesting anywhere near their homes, right? Keeping your guttering is one of the ways to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, guttering full of debris, leaves, twigs, and things alike is a very comfortable place for various kinds of insects to nest since it is compact, protected, and damp. The insects might also carry harmful bacterias and/or diseases. Better be safe than sorry! 


Keeping Your Roof Healthy

Clogged guttering can cause water moisture to be trapped around your roof and it will put additional weight and stress on it as well. The stress can lead to severe leaking or even the foundation of your roof could be compromised too which is very dangerous as it can collapse with no warning 


Maintaining The Purity of Your Water

Most of our tap water is from groundwater. Imagine the water from your guttering system that is full of those insects that have nested, lay eggs gather together with the water that is pumping through your taps and is one of your plant’s food sources? The effect on you, your family members, and your plants would be dire. 


Last but not least, something that might not be as obvious is: 

To Keep The Value of Your House 

You might or might not move out of your house. It doesn’t have to look like a hotel, but what is there to lose in keeping the resell value high? Clogged guttering can be a major eyesore, the outer wall of your house that is connected to your guttering will definitely evidence of neglect if you don’t keep your guttering clean. 

Hopefully, after all of the stuff mentioned you will be reminded of how important keeping and maintaining your guttering clean is. It’s easily forgettable since you don’t really see it every day, but usually, those are the things that would give you trouble. So before it becomes an issue, you should check and clean your guttering system! 


Sports That You Should Try

Sports That You Should Try

Sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skills in which an individual or team competes against each other or just for entertainment. Sports can be broken down into 4 categories, the first one is individual sports, dual sports, team sports and extreme sports. There are a lot of sports that people commonly play such as cycling, badminton, football, basketball and swimming. There are also sports that are not commonly played such as kabaddi, chess-boxing and archery.

People nowadays are busy chasing life goals to the point they have no time to try new sports as they usually will only go to the gym to have a healthy lifestyle. Not saying that going to the gym is wrong, but if you have the opportunity to try new sports at least once, please try! You will surely love it.

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Here are few sports that you should enjoy and try at least once in a lifetime:

#1 Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is actually a well-known sport but not everyone has the guts to try. This is mainly because you have to climb up the rocks and it may be risky for some. There are options for rock climbing levels and you can always choose one that suits your strength and ability. Start from indoor rock climbing for beginners and try outdoor rock climbing as you get used to it.

#2 Kayaking

If you are a thalassophile or an ocean lover, try kayaking as it feeds your soul. Kayaking is actually one of the water sports that is quite expensive because the kayak itself is very pricey. You will also need to spend some money to get help from the professionals if you are going to try sea kayaking for the first time.

Worry less, there are actually few places that provide kayak renting services in Malaysia as low as RM48!

#3 Scuba Diving

Other than kayaking, scuba diving is also one of the common water sports in our country. It requires quite a lot of equipment such as a mask, snorkel and fin. That is basically what you will need as a beginner. Usually, if you are not a licensed diver, you will have to pay for a diving instructor that will help you with everything you need while diving.

You can always get your diving license Malaysia from associations such as Professional Association and Diving Instructor or commonly known as PADI.

#4 White water Rafting

White water rafting is categorised as an extreme water sport and anyone who is interested to play this sport needs to have a good health condition. You will be dealing with strong streams and big rocks so you always have to put your safety first before anything else.

The most famous white water rafting place in Malaysia is the one located at Gopeng, Perak.

# 5 Surfboarding

Surfboarding is not a common sport in Malaysia but it is worth the try. Almost all water sports will cost you quite a lot of money and time. Surfboarding will cost you a lot on the surfboard and paying for experts and for some people it might take quite some time to learn. You will learn how to balance and do some tricks.

If you think of surfing just once, don’t waste money on buying a new surfboard. You can just rent it from any resorts nearby.

Now you feel like trying all these sports? Try it as you should!


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How To Avoid Infidelity?

How To Avoid Infidelity?

Infidelity is one thing that is not easy to uphold. This is even why there are more cheaters than loyal ones. That is right as even some of those who have been staying married until the end, have been cheaters at some point in their lives. It is just that their spouses learned to forgive them. But mind you, forgiving is not always forgetting. Your partner may not talk about it anymore, but trust me, she can hardly forget such a depressing situation. This is why if you love your partner, you should try to stay loyal. 

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Yes, it is not easy, but it is quite possible as even in this kind of world we live in, there are still loyal people. What can you do to avoid cheating? Here are some tips:

  • Try to invasion yourself as the one being cheated. Yes, when you are on the verge of cheating your partner, you should stop and think if what you are about to do will also happen to your partner? Will it be okay with you? Can you live with your cheating partner? If you think you can’t, then your partner could probably not as well. 
  • Try to imagine what will happen if you will be found out by your partner cheating? This is a good thing because whatever scary things you can imagine, you know that you can still avoid it and that is by not cheating. Yes, you can lose your partner and your kids if you risk it. 
  • Don’t fantasize about it. If there is a girl that you are attracted to, you should not play it in your mind as that will surely put you in a bad spot. There is a good chance you will indeed end up cheating. If you start imagining the girl in your mind, try your best to cut it right away or always include in your imagination that you will be caught. This way the end result is always not good. 
  • If you are close to getting tempted, try to talk to someone who is close to you and at the same time, someone you look up to. That is right so that you will be able to spill out everything and at the same time, you will be willing to listen to him and heed his suggestions. 
  • Try as much as you can to stay focus on your present relationship. It will be a struggle since you are kind of starting to get attracted to another girl. But then again, if you will give your best shot, you can still do it. Try to enjoy your partner in bed as well. You can try using arousing items that you can view the best vibrator store in the country here as they might add the thrill. 

Yes, you should be loyal to your partner even if you need to exert more efforts. It is the right thing to do, so be man enough to admit that you are not single anymore. You are committed and you should be clear about that. 


How To Save Money On Food.

How To Save Money On Food.

You might be able to relate to this topic if you are a broke student or a young employee who shopped online too much and regretted that you got insufficient balance of money to survive until the end of the month. The most important thing for perhaps all girls in the world is to ensure that they can eat healthy food everyday, no matter how broke they get in that particular month. This is why money management is important because you can avoid this situation from happening if you did proper planning on how to spend your monthly allowance. As for the working adults, of course it is inevitable for you to get excited as you get your salary. To be honest, who doesn’t? However, you have to be smart in spending the money or they will all be gone the next time you check.

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Collect Coupons And Vouchers

Do you notice that some restaurants or fast food outlets give away vouchers and coupons to their customers sometimes? Some people simply keep them into their purse and forget all about it the next day. Hence, you should collect these coupons and vouchers each time you spend your money to eat in those restaurants. Make sure to be alert of the expiry date so that you will know when to use them. By doing this, you can still eat good food with low prices thanks to all the coupons. If you see your family members or friends throwing them away, stop them and collect them because you would be surprised by how much you can save from certain coupons. The food and beverage industry is always giving coupons to their customers because it is a good way to advertise and promote their restaurants. If you look at their websites, you can clearly see how they even give promo codes to the customers. Some of them are worth so much as you can get 50% or happy hours prices when you buy your food there.

Avoid Online Orders

You can save money on your food expenses by avoiding online orders or delivery. It is not surprising that ordering your food online or delivery costs more due to the delivery fees you have to add into the total amount you have to pay. Make sure to avoid using applications like FoodPanda or GrabFood when you want to buy your meals. Sometimes, such applications have a minimum amount of price you have to pay for the food or you cannot put your order. For example, you have to buy food with the minimum price of RM15 or they wouldn’t proceed with the order. You can actually spend less than that for a meal, so be smart and avoid that.

Last Words

We can agree that there are many situations that could put you in this situation where you have to save money on your food expenses. You could be a reckless spender or perhaps your allowance got cut off from your parents. You can also invest too much in forex trading through best online forex brokers vietnam and realise too late that you have overspend. No matter how you come to this, don’t skip your meals and eat unhealthy food to survive to the end of the month. Use your knowledge and utilise it to make sure you can eat comfortably and have enough meals in a day.

How To Start Your Jewelry Business

How To Start Your Jewelry Business

Business can in any form, as long as you find a way to market your product and sell those products, that is the crucial part. Business can be a complex process, you need to manage, develop, create, build, sustain and also upgrade your work all the time. But what happens when you have decided on your product and now you are clueless about your next steps. Although the business process is complex and challenging, if you follow the flow and the right process into your business procedure, then it is probably less stressful than what you may assume. Here are a list of things on ways to and the process through your jewelry business plan.

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Since you have already identified the brand, now you have to set your business goals and objectives. Make sure to set these goals and objectives to but higher than your capacity and capability, or else you only will end with disappointment. After setting the goals, now you have to set your target customer and audience, you have to know who you are planning to sell this product’s social jewelry, the best age group and which kind of person will buy the product. Knowing and identifying all this is the key foundation to your business plan, it makes things and flows smoothly like knowing how to prevent body piercing infections.

After setting up your business foundation, you have to decide the type of business tool that you are planning to use to market your jewelry business product and service. There are two most well-known tools when it comes to marketing your business, first is traditional marketing and the second is digital marketing. In this technological rising era, many now switch to the digital marketing tool, which is mainly social media. Utilizing social media as your marketing tool enables you to expand your jewelry business and allow people to reach out and engage with you, one to one. And with this engagement people have the willingness to purchase your and trust your brand. The more engagement you receive on your product and service, the more chance for you to improve and transform your jewelry product. You can also set up your own website for your business shows that you have your own identity and are professional with your business. Also shows to your customer your legitimacy and a place where you can refer to as the main business platform.

You can also utilize the assistance of several software such as cloud MLM software, SEO marketing software, Pay-per-click (PPC) ad, and many more. This software and website will help your business to manage and organize all necessary key elements to market and expand your business products. At the same time, it builds your business brand and builds a better image for your jewelry business. Plus, it will promote and help your online website to be on top of the search result list in search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.