5 Blogging Mistakes That Stop You from Making Money

1. You avoid networking.

If you want to get money from blogging in Malaysia, you need connect and interact well with
people in the industry. In every business, networking is important to achieve huge career achievements. This is even more crucial for those in the blogging business. Avoiding other people will make you isolated. Networking for bloggers is highly important, so work hard to establish good relationships with other industry professionals.

2. Blogging without a clear plan

Behind every profitable blog is a well-thought-out plan. Of course, if you want to earn money through it, you should treat it as a legitimate business. Without any good plan, you wouldn’t able to launch a successful online business project. It’s a surprise that many newbie bloggers make the mistakes of not prioritizing their plans. Make sure to lay out your objectives and plans before taking any major step with regards to your blog.

3. Putting a lot of ads on your web pages

Including ads on web pages is an effective way to earn from your blog. However, this doesn’t give you the right to fill your pages with tons of commercials. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Would you enjoy reading articles on a web page full of ads? I bet you would hate it.

4. Publishing badly-written articles

Don’t expect to earn from your blog if your online articles are badly written. You don’t need to have an extensive blog writing experience, you just need to be patient, and write decently.
Remember, you can’t fix wrong spelling and grammar with a thorough niche analysis and visually appealing design.

5. Failure to engage in online discussions

Writing a blog is just the first step in the thorough blogging work process. What comes next are follow up tasks. You must be able to participate proactively in online discussions. By responding to forums, you can maintain great relationships not only with fellow industry professionals, but also with your readers.