Designing for watches

Comprehend use cases

When structuring applications for smartwatches, center around use cases that bode well for the mechanical watch condition. Watches enable clients to get data initially, for example, the appearance of the following transport, and to act rapidly, such as reacting to a text. 

The watch interface presents remarkable utilization openings that are not accessible on conventional cell phones, including: 

  •   Easy access (with a flick of the wrist) 
  •   Input empowered by a physical body association (through sensors, movement identification, and humming) 

The watch likewise accompanies constraints: 

  •   Smaller screen space 
  •   Less data thicknesses 
  •   Limited battery life 

Consider both the abilities and restrictions of the stage when structuring applications for watches. 


Configuration encounters where assignments can be cultivated effectively utilizing the watch interface. 


Unpredictable, point by point applications that incorporate things like spreadsheets might be hard to alter and see on a watch. 

Concentrate on center usefulness

Wear OS applications ought to be intended to help your application’s center usefulness. Try not to incorporate pointless highlights, activities, or substance in your application’s watch UI. 

For instance:

  •   An email application for Wear OS should concentrate on understanding messages and sending answers. It should exclude alternatives for including connections or altering beneficiaries. 
  •   A schedule application for Wear OS ought to enable clients to check participant accessibility, read occasion synopses, and acknowledge welcomes. It shouldn’t give the alternative to make or alter occasions. 


Pick the most basic use for the experience. 


Incorporate each accessible activity in the application experience. 

Test plans

Plan for round shapes

Most of Wear OS gadgets have round presentations, which have 22% less UI space than rectangular showcases. Round showcases likewise need bigger edges for content to be effectively lucid. 

Plan for round gadgets first to ensure your design works inside the littler size limitations. 

Test plans on a smartwatch 

Plans that work in design programming may not chip away at little screens. Make a point to review your plan utilizing a watch see device. 

Take your structures for a turn

Individuals wearing watches are normally moving, regardless of whether they are standing, motioning, or racing to get transport. Test your structures in circumstances that include client development to ensure the plan is usable initially.