5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Store Stand out from the Crowd

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Store Stand out from the Crowd

Back in 2003 where the first e-commerce development store was launched, that business was pretty much the king of the hill since there is really no competition that would rival it.
However, that is no longer true in this day and age as the industry is oversaturated now, so an online entrepreneur would have to do some things to make their businesses stand out.
In this article, I will talk about some incredibly easy ways to help your e-commerce store stand out from the crowd.

Show Them What You’ve Got

I think that this should come as a no-brainer, but sadly, there are still some online stores that I can see that don’t follow this rule.
What I am referring to is your actual products. You see, as the owner, you already know how your product looks like, how it performs, and any other characteristic that you can say about them.
However, your customers can’t. They don’t know what you’re offering and I am pretty sure that they also do not know how it functions.
So, for you to stand out, you need to do the following:
Include High-Quality Images- You want to stand out, right? Upload professional-level photos of your products
Provide Product Descriptions- You want your customers to know what they’re going to purchase, so make your product descriptions concise and straightforward, whilst also listing all of the features that they need to know
Add a Sales Pitch- You’re selling products, which is why you should also add your own unique sales pitch to woo your customers into purchasing items from your store.

Make Your Store Trustworthy/p>
Whenever a person spends money online, they want to be sure that your website can be trusted. This is where the HTTPS encryption protocol should be used so that people will feel calm and at ease when visiting your website.
Aside from that, you want to improve the user experience by providing them with avenues to navigate your site as easily as possible.

Pitch Your Branding/p>
A store should have its own personality and that is where your branding comes in. Allow your customers to know more about your shop. Include your vision and mission, the problems that you intend to solve, and how your store can achieve all of those things.

Add Social Proof/p>
Although your website may look trustworthy thanks to the implementation of the HTTPS protocol, some people might still remain skeptical.
Adding social proof will eliminate those fears because nothing is more convincing that testimonials and reviews from real people.
Furthermore, if you have garnered awards and different accolades from reputable sources, you may want to include that on the front page as well.

Provide Excellent Customer Service/p>
Your customers are the lifeblood of your company and if you keep them happy and satisfied, they will always bring you to the top.
When you provide excellent customer service such as being available at times where they have questions about your products and giving them a hassle-free money-back guarantee, you signal to your customers that you care for them and you have their best interests in mind.

Source: https://medium.com/@dale_hornidge/6-ways-to-make-your-ecommerce-store-stand-out-from-the-crowd-c512a98a7a50

The Legality Of Skillgaming

The Legality Of Skillgaming

Skillgaming: Is It In The Realm Of Gambling?

Skillgaming has a settled lawful, social and business history. From exemplary tabletop games to significant games competitions, rounds of aptitude have since quite a while ago offered members an opportunity to contend dependent on one’s ability.


Are Skill-Based Tournaments Gambling?

Money based competitions in rounds of expertise are not viewed as betting on the grounds that the by and large acknowledged meaning of betting includes three explicit things: (1) the honor of a prize, (2) paid-in thought (which means contestants pay to contend) and (3) a result decided based on possibility. Without every one of the three of these components, a money rivalry isn’t betting. On account of Skillz competitions, results are not controlled by shot, yet are somewhat accomplished through a player’s aptitude or capacity, making these competitions lawful in many U.S. states.


How Are Skill Based Games Not Quite The Same As Chance-Based Games?

Games of expertise require a physical or mental capacity and an educated ability to complete an outcome. These diversions ordinarily incorporate the utilization of system, strategy, physical coordination, quality, specialized skill, or learning.

Games of chance are recreations with a result unequivocally impacted by arbitrary shot or vulnerability. Basic randomization gadgets incorporate shakers, slot online Malaysia, playing a game of cards, or numbered balls drawn from a holder.

Games of chance may have some ability, and rounds of aptitude may get some opportunity, be that as it may, generally U.S. courts use either the prevalence test or the material component test to take a gander at the job that ability and chance each take in deciding the result of the amusement.


Responsive Website Design: What It Is, and Why You Need It

Responsive Website Design: What It Is, and Why You Need It

Responsive Website Design: What It Is, and Why You Need It


Bad websites are all over the internet. Every now and then, while browsing on our mobile phones, we encounter pages which are not laid out correctly. Sometimes, the text is too small. At times, the images are too big. This is because the web page you visited is not responsive.


What is a responsive design?

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design can make or break a good website impression. It is an approach in website creation that allow pages to work on any kind of device. If you want your web design company website to work well even on the smallest screens, implement a responsive design.


Not only will it help users navigate around the website, it can also increase conversions and engagement.


A responsive website design utilizes CSS, JavaScript and HTML to shrink, move, grow, show and hide elements depending on the person’s device.


3 primary pieces in making responsive websites:

  • Responsive Images
  • Media Queries
  • Fluid Layouts


Do you need a responsive website?

Yes. At this day and age, more and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones and other mobile devices. Take advantage of this fact. When your website is viewed well on all screen sizes and resolutions, your visitors would stay longer, and engage more. Your search ranking can also increase.


How does a responsive web design work?


It’s very easy to make your design responsive. All you need are advanced CSS and HTML skills. If you are not familiar with these programming languages, then go and hire a professional website designer. He or she would use the following techniques.


  1. Fluid layouts. Switching from arranged widths to fluid widths is the first step towards responsiveness. This allows web pages to contract and expand with the browser.
  2. Responsive photos. This can impact search engine friendliness and website speed.
  3. Adaptive images. This means setting a 100% to your photos, allowing it to adapt to the parent container.
  4. This approach utilizes JavaScript to display various image sezies, depending on the users’ connections.
  5. Media Queries. Media queries allow a user incorporate device-specific rules to hide, grow, move and show content for a much better user experience.