Some of the Best Baby Carriers for Expectant Parents in 2019

There is no doubt that a baby carrier is a worthwhile investment, especially for expectant parents. You see, although a stroller most definitely takes the cake when it comes to features and robustness, it doesn’t give you the bond that a baby carrier provides.

That being said, there are so many different carriers out there on the market today. But, you do not have to worry since I am going to talk about some of my personal recommendations that you can buy in 2019.

Ergobaby Aura

There are some parents that would prefer a much simpler baby carrier and the Ergobaby Aura is definitely something you’d want to consider if that is what you want as well.

This is a baby wrap and it is made of breathable viscose fabric that ensures that your little one will be able to enjoy their time while you’re putting them in the carrier.

If you do not know how to put your baby in the wrap, the company has provided some very useful guides on their website on how to do it the right way.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

This baby carrier takes the cake since a lot of celebrities are using it. Some of them include Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, and even Prime Minister David Cameron.

The carrier is very adjustable and the material is known for its amazing comfort that your baby will have no problem sleeping on it.

Baby Brand Baby Sling Carrier Wrap

Some parents do not want to have to contend with a lot of straps, buckles, and ties just to secure their babies. They want a simpler solution and this sling by Baby Brand is definitely something that you want to look into.

The sling wrap is made from spandex fabric and breathable cotton so you can be assured that it is flexible enough to allow you to slide your baby in and out of the wrap without any problems.

Since there are no restrictions, you can create the wrap properly so that the weight of your baby will be evenly distributed; alleviating some strain on your shoulders.

Chicco Easyfit Carrier

First-time parents shy away from getting baby wraps because they do not want to have to wrap their babies themselves.

Fortunately, this baby carrier from Chicco comes with an ergonomically designed seat that lets you put your baby in a certain position that will help prevent Dysplasia. In other words, their legs will be in an orientation that allows for maximum movement; all without hurting them in the process while they are still on the carrier.
This carrier can be used on newborns up to 9 kilos.

Ergobaby 360

One of the features that I really love about this baby carrier is its extendable panel which you can either roll up or down to completely support your baby’s head. And, if you are going out on a hot summer day, there is an adjustable hood that you can put in place to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

It is ergonomically designed in a way that your baby is comfortable at all times without putting too much strain on your shoulders or hips.