Top 5 Typical Ambitions We Have As A Kid

It is very common for kids to think hard about their ambitions. Having an ambition means that you will have a goal and decide on the path you will take for your future. It is nothing unusual to hear the kindergarten teacher ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up. Some might think that it is all talk but a few kids actually stay with their answer as they grow up. This shows that it is a good question to ask to the young kids despite their age. Remember how we used to be asked that question in the classroom too in the past? It is really interesting how some people can still remember what their ambition was when they were young. Meanwhile, some people cannot even remember all of the ambitions they had since it keeps changing as they grow up. 

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Hence, these are the top 5 typical ambitions we have as a kid.


This is quite expected as most kids tend to be influenced by the adult figure closest to them. Hence, their teachers are that figure they idolized besides their parents. The girls especially love saying that they want to become a teacher since it is a noble profession where you teach the future generation. Besides, kids at that age seem to view a teacher as someone very kind and patient who guides their students at their very best.


Another typical ambition we have as a kid is to be a singer. Since we watched television as a child, we became interested in the singers that appeared on the screen. The job looks simple and we can become rich just by singing and doing performances on TV. Why not, right? It is a sad reality we have to face as we grow up that not everyone can be a singer since not everyone is gifted with a nice voice and great vocal skills.


The boys, especially, used to say that they want to be a policeman when they grow up. Since they look really cool chasing the bad guys and putting them in jail, it is no wonder why this ambition is typical among us when we were young. Remember how the boys used to have gun and handcuff toys as they played with their friends in the evening?


Another ambition we used to have is becoming a firefighter. One thing that stuck to our mind in that age is that the costume looks very cool and it is very fun to help people extinguish fire. Hence, a firefighter is also a famous ambition since they are also viewed as a hero especially with the hose and fire engine. It became even more popular during our middle school years as the school hosted fire drills at school. The firefighters will come to our schools and demonstrate how to use the fire extinguisher correctly. The real fire shown in the demonstration makes the career look very adventurous.


The last typical ambition would be to be a sailor. As a kid, it is normal that we fantasize about being on board a big ship across the sea. We thought about the size of the ships, the maintenance and the mooring system malaysia. Most kids with this ambition imagine being the captain of the ship and the cartoons about ships or pirates only help them getting more fired up to become a sailor as they grow up.

Last Words

All in all, it is very interesting to see the careers that we tend to choose when we were young. Of course we know better as we grow and mature, but it is still interesting how most people would mention one of these five jobs as their ambitions when they were kids.