Top Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Important for the Media and Entertainment Industry

We all want to be entertained. That is a known fact that has been around since time immemorial. That is why the entertainment industry has thrived to this day and it is never going to go away.

That being said, mobile app developers are continuously churning out entertainment apps out there simply because of its many advantages in an industry where people are clamoring for something exciting.

In this article, I will go over some of the top reasons why mobile apps are important for the media and entertainment industry.

So Much Revenue

What do you think are two of the most popular entertainment apps in the world? If you’ve answered Youtube and Netflix, then you are correct!

In a survey that was released by Statista, Youtube is responsible for 3464 MB average data consumption in the U.S, while Netflix comes in second at 2890 MB.

In addition, App Annie predicted that the revenue of entertainment apps (not just Youtube and Netflix) will continue to generate more money from here on out. In fact, in 2020, the company expects the entertainment app industry to exceed $6 billion.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Here is a known fact: all of us want to be entertained. I’ve mentioned earlier that entertainment apps are here to stay and any company in the said industry will be missing out on a huge opportunity if they do not spend their money on app development.

Mobile apps can help enhance brand visibility since you can deliver high-quality content, as well as incredible services to the masses.

Compels User Engagement

Did you know that mobile apps have exceeded conversion rates of mobile websites by a whopping 300%? That is actually not surprising considering the fact that more and more people are making use of smartphones than their desktops.

Entertainment apps can further increase that number simply because people consume entertainment content at just about any time.

Helps Eliminate Pirated Content

Back when smartphones weren’t a thing, people would have to rely on CDs just to get their favorite content. The problem with this medium is that it is very prone to piracy which is something that the entertainment industry has combatted for so many years (even to this day).

Fortunately, with the advent of entertainment apps, companies can provide some really great content at a reasonable price. That is also the reason why streaming apps have become a major deal in the few years simply because people no longer have the need to indulge in pirated content.

Social Media Integration for User Engagement

Social media is great because it gets a lot of people talking. And, entertainment companies can certainly integrate social media into their apps to further user engagement.

For example, if a person wants to share their favorite movies and videos with their friends and family, they can just share the link to your app on their social media accounts so that they can also download the app for themselves.