What it Means to be an Architect

Being an architect, and working on one of the most successful architecture firms in Malaysia is not a simple task.

It’s fun, but can also be an overwhelming experience. If you want to be a good architect someday, you need to prepare yourself for big undertakings.

The building that you are currently living in is designed by a reliable architect.

By that alone, you can say that architects can improve the lives of every person that gets in touch with their designed properties. The building design itself appears to have an emotion that speaks straight to people. This emotion depends on the dedication and hard work of the architect.

Practicing architecture is not easy. There are tons of information to process and practice. Each day, you need to look for new interaction borders between space and human.

For many people, architecture practice is even more valuable than theory. Many strange questions must be asked along the way. With that, you will gain strange responses, and with those answers, architects are required to create a logical chain.

Clients don’t understand everything, so you need to explain everything to them well. Since you need to communicate well with people along the way, from clients to general contractors, you can say that architecture is based on strong relationships and interactions.

Developing negotiation and social skills is important in maintaining a good architectural career. In addition to that, you also need to be a good problem solver.