Best Places To Live In Selangor

Different places and areas have their own target market. Some places might be the best for people with family, some other places might be the best for youth. Some people love to live in the middle of the city but other people might want to live  in a peaceful area. Everyone has their own favorites, so feel free to scroll down the page and look which one is the best for you!


Usually, places that are suitable for families will have a lot of accommodation and facilities nearby. There, you can easily find schools, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, shop lots, gyms, and etc around your housing area.

The first place that comes to mind when I say the word family is Puchong.

Puchong has a lot of peaceful neighbourhoods that will make you feel comfortable living there. It is also accessible by LRT and KTM so you don’t have to worry about going to work or school using public transport. You can also easily go to supermarkets nearby like Giants.

Not to mention, the affordable price range!

Other than Puchong, you can also opt for a housing area in Bangi.

Bangi can be considered as an industrial area so you will see a lot of houses there. You can also see a lot of schools in Bangi because most of the housing areas are occupied with families. Other than schools, colleges and universities are just by the road which means this area will also have students who live with their friends in rental houses.

You want a family place for expats? Mont Kiara it is!

Mont Kiara has a lot of high-end supermarkets which supply international brands. Hence, expats love to buy houses in this area. Here, you can also place your children at international schools such as Garden International School and Mont Kiara International School. This place also offers the best safety and security.

Moving on, youth’s heaven!

These are usually a place that the elderly would not live in because city life may be too much for them. Not saying that it is not suitable for the elderly, but you make your own choice.

The first place is Subang Jaya.

There are actually a lot of families in Subang Jaya but they label this place as a place for youth because it is known to have trendy spots that are usually visited by the youth. In Subang Jaya, you can also find a lot of shopping complexes like Subang Parade and One City.

Next is Bandar Sunway.

Ever heard of Bandar Sunway? This place is full of students; national and international students. This is mainly because you can find a number of international colleges and universities in Sunway. For instance, Sunway University, Monash University and Taylor’s Campus. If you are one of the world-class university students, this might be the best place for you.

Lastly is Bangsar.

Just like Mont Kiara, Bangsar is also a place that offers a lot of high-end places that are specially targeting the expats. In Bangsar, you will be able to find a lot of bars and eateries. Even so, Bangsar is still a peaceful place to live in.

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