Betting Strategies in Cricket

Although online sports betting in cricket isn’t one of the most common or biggest betting markets around, there’s definitely plenty of money to make from it, even if you’re not following the game. This is because cricket is a sport dominated by readily available data, such as batting averages and bowling numbers.

This means that someone with extremely limited cricket knowledge can have an instant and reliable source of information on both sides ‘ shape. Nonetheless, it is obviously preferable to have a wealth of personal knowledge with one of the leading cricket betting sites on any case that you are putting money on. If you’re looking to start betting on cricket, check out our free bets guide!

Power of Team

It is very important to assess the best and worst attributes of both sides when analyzing these figures, making it easier to determine whether one side may have an advantage over the other. Nonetheless, this should be done in respect to each interpretation of the rules.
Some game styles will favour some teams over others; a team that is number one in test matches around the world may well have a terrible record in the game’s Twenty20 format. Several types will also be subject to average scores and figures.

First Innings Score Average

It is also important to note what the average first innings score is at each venue, as there are factors that influence what can be considered a good result, such as the weather conditions and the pitch’s size and consistency.
Going at details such as this gives us an idea of how sides have gone against similar thrown in the past, as well as letting us know if the final score will be in favor of batting first.

Check the Weather

Climate is an extremely important factor to consider when making cricket betting wagers, as this can make a huge difference on the result, much more than other sports. Despite the fact that in poor lighting or rainy conditions a cricket match will not take place, small weather variations can have dramatic effects on the chances of winning on some sides.
On a dry, hot, sunny day, the ball will have decreased movement as normal, something that benefits batsmen, whereas a moist, rainy day will make the ball move, hampering the chances of the batting sides achieving a high score.

Spread Betting in Cricket

Spread betting in cricket is a surprisingly undervalued one for such a lucrative market. Such markets work by a bookmaker putting a line on the game variables that you then choose to bet on this variable’s under or over.
For example, if the bookmaker’s line is less than 250 runs and more than 270 runs for the first innings, you might bet £ 2 per run over that number. If the result is 300 runs, you’d win £ 60, because you’re 30 runs above the 270 limit, and you’ve spent £ 2 a play. If the game comes in at 220 runs, though, you’re wasting £ 60. During a cricket game, the large amount of options available means that with spread betting there are almost endless possibilities.