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How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles?

How to Write Affiliate Marketing Articles?

The affiliate marketing industry is quite a competitive one. It is so easy to create a blog or a website and there are so many affiliate programs in Malaysia, that one can easily earn money using this medium.
However, because it is a competitive landscape, you can expect that you should put more effort into writing compelling content in order for you to be head and shoulders above your competition.
Below are tips to help you write affiliate marketing articles that actually converts.

Don’t Write “Perfectly”

Why perfectionism is a troublesome trait? That is because no matter what you do, the things that you are about to do are not going to be good enough. Thus, you are just going to waste a lot of time striving for perfection.
That being said, do not waste a lot of time trying to create a perfect article. Instead, focus your energy on research and creating articles based on the information that you find. The concept of your articles should be something that informs your target audience so that they will be enticed to purchase the product that you are trying to promote.

Research Keywords

Although you are trying to create an informative article, this is not to say that you shouldn’t implement sound search engine optimization strategies. What you should do is use a keyword research tool to help you find the right keywords that you can use on your content.
The idea here is to use those keywords strategically in your content. But, do so in a way that comes off naturally and not in a forceful way.
You can even use some of your chosen keywords on your headline, your subheadings, and even on your main content as well. Heck, you can even use them as your anchor text if need be.

Don’t Forget the CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action and every blog post you make should contain one. In this context, your CTA is your affiliate link.
The reason why you want to create amazing articles is to entice your audience to click on the affiliate link and buy something. When they ‘convert’, meaning that they take action after clicking the link (in this case, buying whatever product/s is/are on the page), then you will receive commissions based on the terms that were set during your enrolment in the affiliate program.

Do Not Be a Salesman

I understand the importance of creating articles with the sole purpose of getting as many people to convert as possible. However, keep in mind that people do not want to consume content that is deemed to be too ‘salesy’ or those that are trying too hard just to sell a product.
If anything, write articles that aim to provide quality information that is so good that it will be the one to convince your readers to buy something from your affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Affiliate Marketing in 2019

What is affiliate marketing? The basic idea of this type of marketing is where an affiliate- a person who does all of the advertising- will create content and will attach affiliate links that their audience can click on.

That link will direct users to a certain product that the content creator’s partner merchant is selling and once the user ultimately buys that product, the marketer will get a small percent of the profit in the process.

Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, can actually be a lucrative business. Although it may require some time to put it all together in a more effective manner, once the initial process is done, you can create a money-making machine where you can earn cash passively (or doing nothing at all).

How Do Marketers Get Paid?

For the most part, partner merchants will pay their affiliate marketers by using the pay-per-sale model. Essentially, what this means is that when one of their audiences click on the affiliate links that they’ve posted on their content and ultimately buys whatever is on that link, the marketer will get a small percentage of the sale. It could go anywhere between 5%-15% but there are times that it can go higher.

There are some partner merchants that will use other payment models as well. For instance, they can employ the pay-per-lead model wherein the user doesn’t necessarily have to buy the product, but simply just signing-up or even enlisting themselves on the merchant’s email list will suffice.

The old and now-defunct method (but is still used by some) is the pay-per-click model, where the marketer will get a small profit just by clicking on the affiliate link. This is now a defunct payment model because it can be abused by others.

Main Reasons Why You’d Want to Be an Affiliate

  • Helps Generate Passive Income

Once you’ve set up your entire affiliate marketing machine, you can earn income passively and you are free to do something else. That is the reason why some people would still work at a 9-5 job, but will check on their affiliate accounts during the night.

  • Work from Home

Affiliate marketing can actually be a full-time job and if you treat it as such, you can work even in the comfort of your own home.

  • Flexible and Convenient

Your success in affiliate marketing will depend on your chosen strategy, as well as how many hours you’re willing to put into it.

That is what makes it so flexible and convenient because you are basically your own boss. Your earnings will depend entirely on your approach.

  • Cost-Effective

When you want to build your own business, you will need a pretty huge initial capital to get things going. However, affiliate marketing is quite appealing because you will only need a good working computer with a reliable internet connection to get started.

  • You Don’t Have to Deal with Customers

Another appealing proposition about affiliate marketing is that you do not have to deal with angry customers and people that want to tell you something about the product.

Your main job is to just advertise the product by creating your own content and sharing affiliate links and that’s about it.