Experts Answers Why Mid Century-Modern Design Persists

It’s a question that intrigued writers, designers, collectors, and critics alike, prompted thinking pieces, and inspired whole collections and even businesses: why are people so enamored of mid-century modern design? In this article, experts from interior design firms will answer this question together with the other inquiries in the design field.

Q: What do you think gives its enduring appeal to mid-century-modern style?

A: In mid-century modern design, companies think there’s an authenticity and simplicity that makes it very appealing, particularly as our lives get busier and our world gets more complicated. The style is about simplicity in building materials, avoiding unnecessary ornamentation, making a connection with the world and surrounding yourself with fewer things but meaningful things. Those qualities will always be stylish.

Q: What’s the best advice to integrate mid-century designs into other?

A: Firms tend to favor modern upholstery in my design projects, as it is more suitably sized for the homes and bodies of today, and then mix in the mid-mod components. For someone who wanted to add some mid-century modern flare to a traditional room otherwise, Firms start with an occasional piece of statement— say, a fantastic lamp, side table, or wood-framed chair. Any of those things will change the dynamics of a space instantly, without committing to a totally throwback look.

Q: Why did the theme suit different lifestyles?

A: Even though the lifestyle of today is obviously very different from that of the 1950s and’ 60s, companies believe that young families now find the look appealing. Though we have increasingly time-saving technologies, people are more distracted than ever before. A working mom, who is pulled in too many directions, is unlikely to want a fussy interior with lots of things and lots of maintenance. And we’re in constant sensory pressure. A well-designed modern interior requiring less maintenance provides a respite for the body, the mind and, if done correctly, the soul.