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Best Unifi Pakej For The Best Demands In The Market

Best Unifi Pakej For The Best Demands In The Market


In the context of a business that requires an Internet connection to work, ADSL and SDSL at guaranteed speed are recommended. Conversely, Unifi pakej may prove to be sufficient if its use remains occasional.

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Symmetrical or Asymmetric stream? 

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) master offers Internet access that commonly fit the requirements of an independent venture. With downlink speeds more prominent than upstream speeds, consequently the expression “asymmetric”, ADSL isn’t generally adequate for the movement of an SME. 

The SDSL gives rapid Internet access to experts. These broadband connections meet the particular prerequisites of expert Internet access by offering guaranteed symmetrical speeds permitting synchronous, elite transmission in the two ways. For organizations wishing to exploit the unwavering quality of extremely high velocity, the master plans offer speeds of more than 100 Mbit/s.

Guaranteed recovery time (GTR)

It represents the time it takes to reestablish your connection, guaranteed by the operator in the event of a failure. Beware of the reservations provided in this type of case. It is also recommended to pay particular attention to the compensation provided for in the event of exceeding the contractual recovery time. The fixed daily compensation allowance indicated may be totally inadequate in relation to the loss of turnover caused by the breakdown.

Professional box or modem?

Most business Internet service providers now offer professional boxes, intended for entrepreneurs, taking into account the needs of small structures and combining Internet and telephony. For larger companies, the modem router allows you to set up your own network and connect it to the Internet via an ADSL, SDSL line or via fibre.

Internet for companies: duration and terms of engagement

Established on June 1, 2008, the law imposes measures on ISPs to strengthen the rights of subscribers in terms, in particular, of duration and terms of engagement:

Commitment periods of at least 24 months are prohibited. The subscriber now has the possibility of changing Internet service providers more quickly. However, many ISPs offer ADSL contracts with no commitment period. Cancellation fees are assessed at the actual rate. The subscriber pays in proportion to the months mentioned in his subscription.