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Play the Texas Hold em

Play the Texas Hold em

Poker Games 101: How to Play Texas Hold’em Bonus

Are you familiar with the Texas Hold’em Bonus” poker game? This is one of the recently-developed table card games in different casinos at part of the scr8888. This poker variation pits every player in a heads up against the dealer. Whoever player who holds the best 5-card hand towards the end, will win.

Just like in a game of Blackjack, a player just needs to defeat the hand of the dealer for a win. If you already know Texas Hold’em, playing this bonus poker wouldn’t be too hard for you.

The Main Rules

Card Game Difficulty

– Easy

Game Time Required

– 15 minutes

  1. As a start, every player would put an ante wager. Each one will also have the opportunity of bringing up bonus wager.
  2. The dealer and every player are dealt 2 cards—all face down. These are called hole cards.
  3. Just in case you wish to play a hand, make sure to put a bet. This amount should be twice the cost of the ante bet. If you choose not to fold and play, you will lose the ante bet.
  4. The dealer needs to deal 3 cards, face up. This move is recognized as flop. All of these 3 cards are called community cards. This means all the players will use them to make the last 5-card hand.
  5. All the players have the opportunity to bet once again. However, they can bet only the exact same cost as their ante bet. If they want, they can also check—meaning they won’t bet. Take note: at this point you are not required to bet. You can continue your game whether you choose to check or bet.
  6. It’s time to deal another card. This time, it’s the 4th community card, face up. It is regarded as “the turn.”
  7. Players can choose whether they want to check or bet. The new bet should be the same exact cost as ante bet. This will be the final chance for a bet, but you can choose not to.
  8. The fifth and last community card needs to be dealt, face up. This is called “the river.”
  9. The dealer now turns up the cards. He needs to check the best 5-card hand for the house, combining his community cards and hole cards.
  10. The dealer looks at every person’s hole cards. The best 5-card hand should now be determined. How to make a good 5-card poker hand for every player? Choose 1, 2, or nothing at all. Part of the dealer’s training is to choose every player’s best poker hand. But, as a player, it is also important for you to recognize the best poker hand.
  11. The dealer identifies which hand is higher—the dealer’s or the players.’
  12. If one player holds a higher hand, he wins. The house and the ante pay 1-1 on all of the bets.

Wagers – Bonus Jackpot

  1. What if all of the players have created jackpot wagers? Then, the dealer should check if the 2 hole cards of the player can get a bonus.
  2. Most of the time, if one player holds a pair, it is regarded as winning hand. The other hole card combo that typically win? A-J, A-Q and A-K. Every casino have different hands during payout—this must be posted on every poker table.